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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Taxonomists in india have discovered 523 new species.

In 2015,India added 523 new living  species to this ever-expanding inventory . According to the documentations released by the country’s two premier institutes engaged in the exploration of flora and fauna –the Zoological Survey of India (ZIS) and the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) –and nonprofit  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) scientists and taxonomists have identified 246 animal species and 277 plants species .

Seed plants (118) have accounted for more  than 40% of new plant spices discovered. And as every year,insect (119) have outnumbered other groups of animals.

New plants species

Seed plants  118      Fungi 52     Microbes 36      Lichens 33 

Algae 24       Bryophytes 8         Pteridophytes  7

New animal species

Insect   118       Fish  27     Amphibians 24      Archnidans 19

Cnidaria  16     Crustaceans  14   Collembola  10   Mollusca  7

Nematode 7  Reptiles 3  Birds 2  Trematoda 1  Polycheata 1

Down To Earth  16-31 January 2016

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