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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Heat beds

Human -made heat put into oceanshas doubled since 1997

Since 1997, Earth's oceans have absorbed human-made heat energy equivalent 
to Hiroshima-style bomb being exploded every second for 75 straight years .for long, scientists have know that more than 90% of the heat energy from human-made global warming goes into the world's oceans .The researchers used oceans observing data that goes back to the British research ship Challenger in the 1870s,and with the help of high -tech modern underwater  monitors and computer models,they tracked how much human -made heat has been buried in the oceans in the past 150 years.The world's oceans absorbed approximately 150 zettajoules of energy between 1865 and 1997,and then absorbed about another 150 zettajoules in the next 18 years .

Down To Earth -16-29 February 2016

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