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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

World Water Day — 22nd March

India accommodates  16% of world’s population but has only 4% of world’s potable water. 80% of population still relies on groundwater for drinking
Only 18% of the rural population (approx. 150 million) in India have access to treated water.
To compare, 41% of the rural population (approx. 346 million) own mobile phones
Approx. one-third of rural households are reached by piped water supplies, rest live "beyond the pipe”. About 690 million people lack access to safe drinking water, and more than half the pipes in rural areas deliver untreated water
36% of rural population in Andhra  Pradesh has access to treated water while less than 2% of rural population in Bihar receive treated water
Worldwide, 38 million people are affected by waterborne diseases each year, with over 75% victims being children. 5000 people die every day due to unclean water (1 every 17 seconds)
  A leaking tap drip 1 drop of water every second will waste over 2200 liters in a week

Thursday, 19 March 2015

2015 BNHS Salim Ali Awards for Nature Conservation & Community Conservation

Winners of ( Nature Conservation award for Vertebrate Ecologists ) are Dr.A.J.T. JOHNSINGH


  Winners of ( Nature Conservation award for  British Ornithologists  ) are professor Ian Newton.


Winner of (community Conservation award) is Sandy Beach Youth Group Lakshadweep.



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